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Rick Mock - Assistant to President










I would like to share with everyone how fulfilling it is to

represent the outstanding workforce that AT&T hires.

You are, without a doubt, the best in the business. By

standing up against violations of the contract and for

fairness in the workplace, you have empowered myself

and the stewards of this local to set things right. I want

to thank all those who participate in the process for

allowing us to help make a difference. If you are not

happy with things are going, get involved, don't go away.

Many hands make light work.The more of us that get

involved, especially as stewards,the easier it is to make

a difference for everyone.

Through phone calls, letters, and handshakes, I feel as

though Local 3102 is truly making a difference for it's

members and we will continue to work with your best

interests in mind. I want to thank all of you who have let

us know how we are doing for speaking up. It reassures

us we are heading in the right direction.

Rick was elected by the district state of Florida Presidents'

as the Mobilization Trainer for central Florida.

Rick Mock
Assistant to the President CWA Local 3102

(386) 290 - 6589